Hybrid video cards

This is a very hypothetical question but if you could combine an AMD video card with a Nvidia video card what technologies would you keep on it like CUDA cores and those sorts of things. Also which companies GPU would you use and why?



This reminds me that few years back some guys hacked Nvidia drivers so you could have AMD as a main card to run the game and Nvidia card to run Physx in the game. Don't know how well it worked though.

That still works. lol.

I would definitely keep it mostly AMD. AMD card with physx. Thats pretty much all you could do.

I would go with MSI as well. 

It actually works well for some games. Just get yourself a high power radeon card like a 7970 or 7950 and stick a nividia card that supports physx. Then download a few drivers from the modding community (google "Dedicated Physx card") and your all set.

@OP I would do a hybrid card that was 70% steam processors and 30% CUDA cores. Mainly because most of the programs I use on a daily basis at college have faster rendering and production times using the stream processors, but the cuda cores would help with some video editing software I also use. As i only use the video editor once a week compared to 6hrs a day with other programs, the CUDA cores arent much of a concern. Even 80%/20% SP to CC would be good for me.