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HYBRID v 0.21 - Most complex tabletop game in existance

Brace yourselves everyone. I come bearing a gift from the usenet days.

Some of you may have heard about this game. But I highly doubt many have.

The base game is designed off a Tri-stat system, With 3 major stats that are used to determine everything about the universe.

To quote the original author:

The One Paragraph RPG

Initial release from usenet days:

Updated ruleset (v 0.21):

To have a good overview of the game without digging into it yourself:

Please post your favourite rules. This 'game' is a masterpiece of... human.. ingenuity and persistence.

One of my favourites. For simplicity and absurdity:

Rule # 525: # of useful rules in my rpg will be {(# of rules)/(gpa)}.

A great clusterfuck of a rule is based on forward time travel by going into the past:

RULE # 170 : To use astral form to travel back in time or into the future, use the following equation which works like a mind link (with technology) : # of years = 10^[(-LOG10(%accuracy) + {{(C1 DP) – 30}/10})^2], when C1 DP is greater than or equal to 20 C1 DP. So, @ 20 C1 DP < current maximum human genius >, # = 1 day; @ 30 C1 DP, # = 1 year; @ 40 C1 DP, # = 10 years; @ 50 C1 DP, # = 10,000 years; @ 60 C1 DP, # of = 1 billion years; and so on. So, for the recent movie The Time Machine, you’d change his C3 DP to C1 DP from 49.28 C3 DP to 49.28 C1 DP after multiplying C3 DP of his appearance by 2, giving 2x24.64 = 49.28 C3 DP, but don’t forget to add 10 points, before converting his C3 DP to C1 DP for time travel for you want the character to be able to travel an extra distance in time of [10^{-LOG10(accuracy) + {COM}^(1/{LOG10(% accuracy = 1,000%)})}]x for every increment of {COM} C1 DP for character for extra travel through time: 2 units up : from 21 C2 DP to 21 CA DP,< [(CA DP) - 10] = 11 in MU SAGA >, 2 units up, where 21 C2 DP = 56 C3 DP. But, to transport body, rather than astral projection, through time, is: # of years to an alternate timeline = [10^(-LOG10(accuracy) + ((C1 DP)/30))], where 30 CA DP = 152 C1 DP. So, as you can see astral projection is lot cheaper to use for time travel than a body. Dr. Strange @ average psyche of 20 in MU SAGA would get 30 CA DP in my homebrew rpg system HYBRID: SAGA 20 = 152 C1 DP. So, the guy & the protagonist in the tv series THE DEAD ZONE would be @ 33 C1 Default Psyche.

... Yup.

# 171 takes this further:

RULE # 171: The 2nd time travel equation in RULE # 170 can be used for the final episodes of the Yamato series. RULE # 170 puts 49% known universe @ 700 C1 DP @ 49%, % of time travel @ PL is proportional to DP of universe = [((C1 DP)/100)^2], where 500 C1 DP = 25 % of known universe, and vice versa, where 25 % of known universe would be @ 500 C1 DP. And, seems to be consistent with the Voyager series. RULE # 170 leads to the 2 following time travel equations: 1st) time travel by astral projection, # of years = [10^(LN(C1 PL))] ; and, 2nd) time travel by transporting physical body, # of years = [10^((LOG10(C1 DP))^2)], which may or may not conflict with RULE # 170, depending on one’s interpretation of the last few episodes of the Yamato series, regarding time travel, where it was boosted to 49 C1 DP, from 36 C1 DP.

C1 = [(C or Class)^2]^(1/3)]
C or Class = [C1*(C1^(1/2))]

How about no?

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Just take breather, and relax. Take a look at the v 0.21 ruleset. It gets better.

Good for a look into the abyss and to have a giggle.

I can't stop looking at it.

About the author:

ABOUT ME, THE AUTHOR OF THIS INCREDIBLE RPG, HYBRID: Well, for starters, I have tendency to write in such a way or structure or format THAT resembles the laboratory of THAT fictional cartoon character “Dexter” in ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, where he, ‘Dexter’ had his oldest inventions @ the very bottom of his multi-story basement & his newest inventions @ the very top of his multi-story basement: my natural tendency when writing is similar in format & style that is to write in a similar structure or style or format, meaning my natural writing style has a tendency that of putting the conclusion 1st & the introduction last, in reverse order of how everyone else writes (AND, NO I DO NOT HAVE DELEXY, where those see/read letters backward): I prefer to write new ideas on top of old ideas; but, what’s considered normal way of writing, you’re supposed to put new ideas after old ideas, giving the reader window on how the ideas are developed (as the normal way of writing). BUT, IF I WERE TO DO THAT, ALL OF MY MOST interesting ideas would be @ the end & be left unread, as most have tendency to give up understanding my rpg HYBRID after the first few pages, when the most interesting stuff is @ the end, at least that’s how it’s supposed to be (if I were to write in a normal manner) that being the most developed rules would be @ the end, if I were to follow the rules of proper rules of grammar, but maybe I’ll more proper grammar in my next update, maybe next year in my 2004 update, by which time, hopefully, my grammar will have improved somewhat.

.. That is two sentences...

Rule # 542: Assume that the earth is @ 567 C2 DP, use that to figure out the acceleration of gravity of various objects in ft./s^2, where ft./s^2 = [((C2 DP)/100)^2], leaving out certain variables, which Galileo might do IF he wanted to get ft./s^2. So, then, to figure out C2 Default Psyche of the moon, based on it having (1/6)th gravity of earth, which has 9.8 m/s^2, THEN the earth’s moon would be @ [{{(9.8*3.28)/6}^(1/2)}*100] = 231.46 C2 DP.


This here topic reminds me of my Strat-O-Matic Baseball card / board game that sits in the closet. I got people telling me time and time again just to play it using basic rules but I can't stand to play a game where I am not using all the rules. This also makes me think of playing D&D and every single time one of us tried to be a dungeon master we could never incorporate all the rules and so we gave up on it. At least that is why I never cared if we played again. Complexity .... oh yes I know of it and the disappointment that comes from it. I really wish Strat-O-Matic Baseball would make their board game digital/online. They have a pc game but I want to play the board game with all the rules and I think there is no reason this can't be done on pc. I say the same for D&D.

Please tell me this is a joke. Otherwise I wouldn't even want to imagine what being the author must be like.

This is real. Not a joke. I don't think. IF it is a joke it is one that was taken too seriously and way too far.

The initial version does not look to have been a joke. But that was also on usenet days in the 90's. was last updated in 2005 I think. And now it is gone off the internet. Supposedly version 4 is in the works but I have no idea how to feraking read it. I can link if ya want.


If you want to try something like that I believe youtuber Cryaotic does some DND boardgames online. Also another youtuber I follow, Quill18 has an active series if interested

Rule # 516: On page 57 of Hero 5th, you’ll see a chart or table for contact modifiers: it can be reduced or simplified or summarized with a simple equation, which is coincidently used by my rpg HYBRID, which I used before I came across this table on page 57, so it’s a complete coincidence that there is similarity between HERO 5th & my rpg HYBRID: +/- {(C#)/10}, where # is rating for that civilization, where # = 2 for a 2nd rate country like USA, which seems to think its a 1st rate. So, use # = 3, for a 3rd rate countries like those in Africa. The # = 1 would go to a fictional civilization like that of cartoon Cybertron. But, cost(s) for % of powers in Champions is @ C# = C2, @ humanoids.

I.. I don't get it. Use another book's rules to determine what this rule is and replace some of that other books rules with the formula from this rule to get the final rule...???

My brain hurt from trying to read that. LOL! WOW!

I'm kinda sorry. But I'm hoping maybe someone will take a look at these 'rules' and pick out some gems with me. When it gets late I like to try and find a new absurd one. This thread will be around for a year if I keep finding a new one a day. But it probably won't. Hopfully. I might start trying to figure out how the hell this means anything sometime. Just for posterity reasons.

Blockquote HYBRID ( BROWNIE ) CAKE HYPERLINK \l “recipe” µRECIPE§ { the secret is 1d6 flour to 1 part sugar for type of pastry, when making brownie @ gpa of 2 for cake; to create perfect cake, use (1/5) of ingredients, except for cake flour which is used @ 100% }: this is proportional to equation for perfect religion is @ 1/5 of Islam @ 5 gpa vs. 1/3 of Islam @ 3 gpa, while 1/1 gets a gpa of D grade, same as cake recipe, where 1/1 is a D grade }. But, do not forget that amount of baking powder is (gpa)x that of 1 packet of yeast in flour: use 1 box of cake flour ~ 1 similar volume of flour for bread, but for cake use only 1/2 of flour. The amount of butter and cooking oil is proportional to each other; and, 2x of each for 2 boxes of flour: for each box, you should use half a bar of butter or 1 bar for 2 boxes; and, do NOT forget to add baking powder, which is slightly more than yeast, which if used, below. And, note that baking soda and baking powder are different, where baking soda will give a soap taste; so, make sure NOT to use baking soda in the recipe, below. And, the previous [not referring to above but in earlier Version, which is simplified with simple arithmetic equation] (previous in previous V #) recipe was or/and is overly complicated & does NOT work without too many calculations, which are reduced and simplified in update. So, it’s better to just follow the instructions on the back of the box, but @ grade of 2 GPA, add only (HALF of each ingredient {but, @ grade of 3 GPA, add only (THIRD: 1/3 of each ingredient, except the cake flour which you use all of it that being the cake flour, but all the other ingredients you reduce based on quality that you want the end product, such as half the recommended butter for a gpa of 2 for your brownie when it is finished, but use only (1/5) the recommended butter for perfect brownie with gpa of 5:: same rule, when grading Islam, meaning for gpa of 5 for Islam, keep only (1/5) of rules of Islam & (remove / alter) the other 4/5 of the rules):: same with the cake recipe}, which in understandable terms is (1d6) proportion of all purpose flour for 1 part sugar, where # rolled will determine type of pastry to make and bake, to make the cake or/and bread flour/batter, use also minimum of 1 egg but may use 2 or more, depending on total volume of various types of flour; (1/8) bar of butter rather than (1/4), if you don’t want it moist, else use more butter; equivalent amount of oil that is ~ portional to butter that directions on back of box say to add should be ~ to amount of butter, which should be portional to oil added, and vice versa, for I don’t recall what the instructions recommend to add, but whatever it says, add only half the amount of the oil, as you don’t want it, the cake, too greasy; and, also, whatever amount of water it says to add, for that also, add only half of what it says, as you don’t want the batter to have too much water or oil, reason for the excess time to bake for 32 minutes which you want to reduce to 16 minutes but to reduce bake time to 16 minutes you need to reduce the ingredients to flour by 50%, so by decreasing the amount of water & oil by 50% in batter, you, also, decrease bake time, proportionally) But, IF you use/mix 2 different cakes, follow instructions of both for the cake batter, before baking, which should be (1/2) the time that is specified in the back of the box, meaning RATHER THAN baking the cake batter for 32 minutes which is too much since you do NOT want to burn it, bake it for ONLY 16 minutes @ same temperature as specified on back of the box, is the only discrepancy or difference between my recipe & that on the back of the box. When finished, cover it with a sheet of aluminum foil to keep it moist, let it cool for 1 hour before eating piece of it, but don’t forget to wrap it: it should remain fresh for days, but 1 week @ most, and not more. THEN, you can either cut it into LARGE squares, or serve it & you can begin to eat it. If you don’t wish to eat it right away, put a plate over it or wrap it up, and eat it later. Yum ? And by the way, cakes have lot of sugar, so if you don’t want sugar in your diet then skip this recipe, since cakes aren’t healthy. Healthy? Nope. No, it’s NOT healthy. It’s junk food. But, if you want to make moist but not too moist hybrid brownies, rather than regular brownies, then use (1/2) dough flour from brownie & other (1/2) flour from another type of cake flour such as from chocolate or blueberry cake box, to give it a different taste. NOW, returning back to my super easy homebrew 1 paragraph or 1 page rpg system HYBRID, where everything in my rpg revolves around THE central equation X^LOG10(X), where X is some # @ some unit of magnitude used by HYBRID rpg, and it seems to be used by many other rpgs, such as GURPS, D20, HERO, Dragonball-Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, D&D, Synnibarr, & MARVEL. And, physics similar to that of Aberrant, RIFTS, & Mage-the Ascension. And, the mechanics similar to Synnibarr @ C4, HERO @ IQ or C3, GURPS’ total @ C3, & Fuzion’ @ C2 or C3. In terms of dots, Aberrant is like BESM rpg. And, 0 to 30 in Action is @ C2 in Hybrid rpg.

This isn’t even a rule! This is for snacks you can enjoy during the “game”

Necro is Necro.