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Hybrid HDD/SSD setup Help:)?

Just recently got my hands on a hybrid HDD/SSD, I have had some experience with such drives in laptops but nothing to take pride in. 

What I am wondering is how do you set them up properly? I installed a fresh copy of windows on this drive but the procedure seemed to be identical to traditional hard drives. (I mean I didnt have to chose the SSD partition(cause there wasn't anything there)). Do I have to download any of the intel rapid tech programs ? do I repartition the drive?what did I miss:p

If I'm not mistaken, Hybrid drives work this way: Load data on HDD, first time you access data (for example, game, programs etc.), it loads from HDD, but also keep copy on SDD part of hybrid drive (makes some sort of "mostly accessed list"), so next time you load same data, it will load directly from SSD and you will feel performance benefits. Operating System, only after one reboot should go fast as on SSD. I'm not aware of any software needed for that (it is in Hybrid drive firmware), but maybe tehre is some.

Now if you created Hybrid on your own with separate SSD for caching, that is another story, and then, i believe, you will need software.

I have same question I have most of my ssd is windows 10 , and like 64 gb for xubuntu 18.04. if I wanted to take some of my hdd like 100 gb make it usuable to xubuntu what would you suggest setting up the boot and root be on the ssd and home folder be on the hdd can xubuntu to use the hdd as expanded storage