Hybrid Hard Drives, how are they?

I Recieved a 2tb Seagate Hard Drive for christmas but it is an SSHD, a Hybrid Hard Drive with i believe is 8 gigs of NAND flash.

I Want to understand,

  • What makes it Different Compared to a Regular Hard Drive
  • is it ALMOST as fast as an SSD?
  • Is there Really a Benefit of Using an SSHD over a standard Hard Drive
  • Have you owned one and if So how was your experience using one

I basically would like to Know the Pros and Cons of using an SSHD cause i have one but its a little confusing for me.



I have used one briefly when i helped a friend build his computer and it seemed to work really well. They're good when you can't afford a SSD but still want a performance boost. So obviously they're not as good as a SSD but it definitely makes a difference. 


They work similar to SSD caching, so files that you use often are moved to the flash memory to improve speed, so after a couple of reboots your OS will load faster, as well as programs you use often. This works in the background so you don't have to worry about it, you just plug it in and it works the same as a regular hard drive.


I use the Momentus XT in my rig right now for games, and I can vouch for that they work like a hard drive with a lot more caching headroom, nothing entirely amazing, but it is noticeable. If you use it for boot, programs, or games that load the same things frequently. dont expect anything close to night and day differences like HDD to SSD, the difference is subtle, but pleasant in some cases.

The new SSHDs are a lot better than the older momentous XTs. I was pretty surprised at how good it was when I was messing around with my friend's computer. I used to have a momentous XT in my laptop and it was okay, much better than the laptop hard drive that I had before, but no where near as good as an SSD. The SSHDs seem a lot closer to the performance of a SSD.


If you've got one, use it. It's going to be a lot better than a regular hard drive.

the 8gb part is basically only a cache to accelerate the process of the application you use most and booting up it smartly finds out what you use the most and accelerates the process of loading it but it is not even close to ssd speed but there is the new western digital drive that has a 200 something ssd in it with a hdd also in it so its a ssd and a hdd in one 

No the western digital drive is meant for laptops with only 1 drive mount. It has a 120gb ssd and a 1tb 5400rpm hdd in 1 2.5 inch drive.