HUVr Board

I admire how smooth the editing on this video is. Your opinions? (Learned about from Net link daily)

Its good video manipulation, too bad its not real

// wrists

This video was proven fake literally 10 seconds after it came out.

A cranes shadow was left in a frame and a few other things I noticed. Sad but whatever. They will come when people connect superconductive magnets to a skateboard. There are already trains using this technology being developed.

"being developed" Correct me if I'm wrong but is this not exactly what a Light rail is? And all the worlds bullet trains?


Yeah WTH? Just because they don't exist in Merica' Doesn't mean they don't exist. Europe and Japan are not some fairytale lands xD

I don't think the Huvrtech video is realistic, but some things do seem legit. I don't think we have a hoverboard made for humans to ride on, but there's things like this:

Btw, physics isn't my thing, so my words about this should probably not be trusted.

might be possible with some superconducting magnets and some liquid nitrogen/helium

This hover stuff is all good and all, but I imagine if anyone tried a kickflip the board would spin a 180 then get stuck to the ground until the power was cut off.

That's pretty cool, I am fairly sure there is a magnet under the table though