Humble Bundle has a Humble Store?/ What's your Humble Wishlist?

Some of you may have heard of this before, but this is new to me.

They have no Store Page that you can browse, but they have buy it anytime URLs.The weird ones I've seen are Chivalry (but it's just a Steam Key) and they sell Indie/Commercial licenses to a LUA Debugging IDE ranging from $50 to $400 that big companies like EA has used.

Here's a list of games (But it's a wiki, there could be more we don't know about)

Based on that list, what do you think will be in the next bundle? I hope Chivalry gets in there ;) But a more realistic expectation would be Retro City Rampage, (I remember when it was called "Grand Theft Tendo")  Jolly Rover, (though I already bought it) Trine 2, Sanctum (thanks the the first Unreal3 Game being ported to Linux) and Eets.

There are other games that we may not expect like Dungeon Defenders ("What? An Unreal 3 Game on Linux?") or the THQ Bundle. ("Who cares there's no Mac or Linux Version and it's wrapped in DRM? I'm getting all of these Games for less than the cost of Xbox Live DLC") But, what's your humble wishlist?

I suppose Unreal Engine 3 games are now a realistic expectation. Not sure about EA Unreal 3 Games like Mass Effect or Alice, but I hear Red Orchestra 2 is getting ported to the Penguin.