Humble Books Sale $15+ for $429 worth of Linux & OSS books

Heads up to those Linux users / sysadmins that want to keep their skills up learn new things or just want to add some books to their collection.

Humble Books is having a linux/open source sale right now that's an absolute steal.

Video Tour by Tutorial Linux why you should buy these:


Just bought them :slight_smile:


Absolute bargain.

That's awesome, thank you.

Would be great if HumbleBundle would send the email i need to verify my damn browser. Paid 15 bucks and i can't get at my books.

Take a look if your spam filter ate it perhaps.
Might also just be taking a while

Thanks for this! Lovely deal. :slight_smile:

Oh no i missed it.

I have also missed it!I subbed to the newsletter for future, do these things come around more than once?

In the past there was the unix book bundle and hacking book bundle. And maybe one about python. A second linux bundle is not super likely.

I've never seen exactly the same bundle come round twice, but I have sometimes seen the same books in new bundles.

Some of the books are fairly old and can occasionally be found for free elsewhere. I keep an eye on

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thanks for sharing that