HUGE temperature jump

Hey everyone!, So I was gaming today, and started noticing frame drops. I went and looked at my CPU temp and it was at 68C. The thing I don't understand is that I can stress test with my current overclock and cooling for 12 hours and not even top 58c on my cpu. I'm kind of confused what is going on and I'll take any suggestions.

There are two factors:

  1. Stress test tool - not all stress test tools are the same. One of my  favorites is Prime95, but Haswell CPU's will probably explode if you try to run it. It's within the realm of possibility that your gaming load (especially if CPU taxing game) could put more of a load than your stress testing utility.
  2. Ambient Temps - If you're testing ambient temps were 10c cooler than your gaming ambient temps, that would explain the jump. Every degree warmer ambient/room temperature is, the CPU will also run a degree warmer.

I agree with this, The stress test is pushing your processor and not anything else. When your gaming your graphics card is putting out more heat along with the PSU in turn raising the temps within the case. Giving you a higher temp while gaming then when running a stress test.

I use Aida 64 to stress test which allows you to stress your CPU, GPU, RAM, Local Disks, and other parts of your system. Plus I have been running this overclock on  OVER 5 months with the same temperatures and only yesterday did I have a heat issue. 

^^ it may just be time to replace the tim on the cpu or your cpu heatsink is geting full with dust.

I would clean out the system with compressed air and then boot up with the door open and check for fan rotation abnormalities then log/monitor your temps and load and if it continues after that re seat the cpu. Also like others said ambient temps can play a big role as well as how much clearance you have from the back and top of your case to the wall or desk. an extra 6 inches away from a wall can make a big difference in heat distribution. Also monitor with your hand if you have to your psu temps you could be having some power issues.

But doesn't anyone know why if I've been running the same overclock for months why it would just randomly spike up in temps one day? It was literally just all of the sudden.

I see you have a water cooler so check to see if the pump is running properly or if the rad need's cleaning.

Yes it could be faulty fans, dust, psu/wall power or your thermal paste. Sometimes thermal paste takes months to cure, can have different properties after a couple months or fails to do its job. My experiences with this issue from my clients has been the things I mentioned as well as with myself. A fan thats spinning doesnt mean its spinning at the right rpm. 500 rpm and 2000rpm have big cooling differences but can look similar visually at first glance. Break that sucker open and explore its fun!

Yup and one of the reasons I went with antec for watercooling is the great monitoring and warning system (fan/pump/water temp monitor fan/pump failure warning)you could have a slow pump, bubbles, dust, bad fan, foreign objects like metal flakes or plastic that has broken, etc Check for whining noise at the pump and get pump power from other psu leg.