HTC One M8?

Hey All,


Does anyone have experience with the new HTC One M8? Would you recommend it?

It is a pretty nice phone that I will be able to use at work(since it looks nearly identical to the WP8.1 version. Hooray platform agnostic hardware!). My only hesitation is that the new Moto phones are right around the corner...

I've got the android one and have been pretty happy with it.

Things I am not happy with:

No option to disable phone wipe at lockscreen.  You need to root the phone to change it.

Glitchy YouTube app.

Sometimes gets warm.

I like it a lot. Works well with go launcher. It is slippery and it does get warm (think gps with max screen brightness).  The camera is a little disappointing.  i don't care if they are "ultra pixels", this phone has only 4 of them.  Touching the screen to wake/ resume apps can be weird; every case you get will block the IR blaster.  Best build for an android phone. I like it. 

So if someone intentionally enters wrong PIN numbers on my phone a set number of times they can wipe the phone? There is no way to turn this off? Sounds like a problem.

I have started installing cyanogenmod on all my devices. Cant live without it now. Software features of phones dosent bother me anymore. Hardware wise, Its a good phone. One of the best processors and a great screen. Great build quality. But If the physical premium build quality doesnt matter to you, OnePlus One, If you want more physical features, Find 7 mid way point in build quality between the two and better features. 

10 tries and it gets wiped.  There's a 30 second lockout after 5 tries.

As stated before, you can turn it off but you've got to have everything rooted and be able to change a number in the system config file.

You can also put another launcher/lockscreen, but I liked the stock one.

Just get the OnePlus One.

OnePlus One will not work on Verizon, unless I'm mistaken.

I'm not really crazy about the Oneplus anyway.. Probably going with the m8 :D