HP SUCKS driver issue

How do I know if my network controller is ralink or realtek? because there is both underneath my laptop model for wireless drivers

Hp 2000-329WM


I would guess it need both of them to run properly so I would install both and see if that works. Otherwise you could look in your devices under control panel / system for your computer and see what one your computer uses.

lspci and it will list all devices with full name that are connected to the pci bus

if it's a usb device, lsusb

Is common with hp (and most vendors) that they use different hardware on the same model, if you don't have any tool like Everest you can try searching in google for the hardware id and see what brand it is, or just try installing one- then the other, sometimes the hp installer will have hardware detection and it will say if you don't have it.

if that doesn't  work you can try installing from other models close to the one you have, (this is useful specially if your machine doesn't have for example windows 8 support, there will be drivers for it but on recent models, it is a mess some times )

Yeah HP is shit my mums old laptop was HP and they put all kinds of annoying shit on there.

But you can get the hardware id of each device with no driver by right clicking each in Device Manager ,choose Properties, then go to Details tab.Use the dropdown selector to choose hardware id

I would just slim drivers if possible