HP Spectre x360 15t 2-in-1 Fan Issue

I bought a HP Spectre x360 15t with Vega M and not even 3 Months in I had an issue with the fans where they made an extremely loud noise and vibrates my whole machine. Even had times where the system would boot up and give me an error message saying that the “System fans are not working properly.” Which means that it’s a hardware issue. I brought it up before but decided that it needed to be it’s own post. Someone on this forum site before said that the fan bearing may have broken or came off and I suspect that might be what it is since I called HP Tech Support and they told me as well.

So I have 3 options on what to do and not sure which one to pick:

  1. Send it to HP and have the fan replaced (this costs $300+ which is not really an option for me and I am already hamstrung a bit on paying the laptop off although it’s more than half way paid)

  2. Repair the fan myself manually (costs $60 or a bit more to buy a replacement fan and this method is the riskiest, plus I might have to order a replacement heatsink possibly with it and set that up properly).

  3. Return it to Amazon since I still have time left and find a laptop to replace it with since HP seems to just be a company selling problems (I have had quite a unpleasant history with them thus far, even with the previous laptop that I replaced). But the only other laptop like it is the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 and Dell is so stingy that the 16 GB variants of the laptop costs $600 more than the 8 GB variants, which means I would likely be stuck with 8 GB of RAM since their laptop is non-upgradable.

Since you don’t feel comfortable replacing the fans on your own have you thought about going to a reputable computer shop or asking a friend who’s decent with PCs to do that surgery together? I think you can find the disassembly manual online and using it is the best way to tackle the repair in my opinion.

I may try to return it if I can and replace it since I have until September 18 to do so. But today is Labor Day so I will have to do it tomorrow.


I think it’s your best bet at the moment. I also think that when it comes to highly tech products like notebooks there can be a massive variance in reliability between devices of the same model number. You just got unlucky like I was with my desktop motherboard.