HP ryzen mini pc vram alocation

So I picked up an hp elitedesk ryzen mini PC with the horrible intention of craming it into my tool box at work, so i can play some retro emulated games inbetween parts on a super weird resolution touchscreen made for raspberry pi’s. the HP is running a ryzen 2400g with 32gigs of ram, and in the process of testing it to see how well it will work ive discovered that the max memory i can allocate is 512mb, and i have been noticing some fairly large stuttering in a ps3 emulator, as it starts to run out of vrm and ask for more dynamic ram to be shared. It is running the most recent bios from HP, and im wondering if there are any ways to give the gpu more ram. or am i out of luck and should look into a different mini pc for this?


I have to say the screen works really well with a raspberry pi, in pi os. in basically any other linux distro it doesnt work which is weird to me. surprisingly it also works in win10

Have you tried the Pi OS for desktop? I think it’s still only 32 bit, but if the screen works with that you should be able to copy the config and transfer it to another OS. I’m sure there is also a way to add the proper config in the terminal, but that’s not something I remember off the top of my head and would need specific details to your screen. Also, the link is broken, I’m guessing your screen is the 400 x 1280 one?

Anything you can do with Ryzen master?

Ps3 might be asking a lot out of a 2400G CPU wise

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So i just tried ryzen master, and its telling me its forbidden from installing, which ive never seen before. I guess i might be out of luck after all for using this as my toolbox computer, i might have to try a different mini pc then.

Watch eta prime videos on them, he’s pretty good about that stuff

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Im starting to think i should just get a steamdeck