HP pavillion DV6 heats up

I have an HP Pavillion DV6,

The bloody thing heats up like hell after 20 - 30 minutes of game play i can fry an egg on top of my keyboard, i read many articles saying its the dv6 down flaw and i would like to fix this issue any suggestions on how to fix overheating and cool my pc ?

Hi there, Im not too sure about this as I have not had too much experience in this but I can recommend a few things. Try using a thermal pad, just sitting it upon one as it might cool it down a bit and remove some of the excess heat. Or open the computer up and try replacing the thermal paste within the computer. This might help to reduce some of the heat off the components. Or if the vents around it (if it has any) try removing any filters that may be there (if removable) as it may improve airflow out of the computer.

I hope this helps you, as I said Im not too experienced in this. Hope you get it fixed eventually.

Right now am just using it to go online and running a virus scan and my pc temp is skyrocketing and i'm using a cooling pad which seems no use at all :(

HDD - 53c

temp1 - 81c

GPU - 77c

core0 - 90c

core1 - 90c

core2 - 90c

core3 - 90c



Hmm yes this is running very hot for a desktop. Im sorry I dont have any more ideas to help you. It shouldnt normally be strained to the point of those temps while just going online. How long does it run at these temperatures?

hmm, i used a dv6 for quite awhile and while durring demanding games it shot fire out of the exhaust vent i never noticed the keyboard heat up too much

check your temps and make sure you're not going over 100c, first get an air compressor/ canned air (if you're into that sort of thing) and clean out all the dust, blast out the intakes + exhaust you can't be too through, if your still having issues than take it apart and try reappling the paste

Its a laptop and it usually lasts 45 minx max on battery for normal use and when gaming i always connect it to the outlet.
never buying hp products again.

It's a laptop, must be your CPU- cooler wich is causing the problem. If you can try looking for an replacement for the cooler.  Or try cleaning the whole pc, like all your fans and heatsinks. You need to dissamble most of the laptop. maybe this link can help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNhBgsJF1Z0.

i have a dell inspiron i use it for playing games for hours and hours that thing is cool as a cucumber, yet hp always screws things up.
never buying a hp product again and its just been 3 months since i got the laptop.


Then bring it back to the shop if it's new ? Let them repair it or get your money back.

yes it is new and i dont think i can replace it, i got it from abroad.
maybe i'll go for a dell laptop saw one with a radeon HD 8730M 2gb graphics.

if those temps are at full load you're really not having a problem, that's just how hot mobile chips run

But right now am just browsing the internet & running a virus scan and its at 82c.

is there any way i can keep this cooled any high end cooling pads ? external fans for the laptop ?

could the virus scan be using up alot of cpu power? (i don't know alot about scanners but i wouldn't be suprised) what percentage is the cpu useage at

as for cooling mats i don't happen to know of any as i've never needed one

Nope the cup use age is just 22.5 %.

Thanks dude, geuss i'll try cleaning the vents and cooling fan if not well screw hp.

My older (2011?)  DV6 did exactly this.  Granted I was an abusive kid but it literally cooked itself to the point that it would barely run and the entire thing got hot just sitting at idle.  Seems to be a flaw in the DV6 line up.  Was always careful to keep it on a smooth surface (table) but that didn't help much in the long run.

Mine just runs hot when i play games or run some program otherwise its around 65 to 70c

Take it apart, clean out the fans with compressed air, replace the old TIM with some new stuff, re-assemble. Shouldnt take more than 15mins. Plenty of vids on youtube on how to take apart your model laptop.

One thing that will really help with cooling is too raise the laptop off the surface that its sitting on by gluing some larger rubber feet on it too allow for more airflow beneath the unit. Load temps on my uni laptop dropped by 10c from just doing this.