HP Pavilion upgrades

I have an HP Pavilion pa15-ba062ng for my student needs on the move.
AMD Quadcore A8-7410, integrated graphics and SSD. The thing does a good job for writing assignments, code and everyday use. However the 4GB RAM are really limiting. Also the wifi module it comes with is mediocre (no problem at uni, mild annoyance at home) and in experience, 60Mbit/s max.

OS is Win10 Educational

In preperation for eventuall upgrades, I popped the hood off to take a look at the hardware options on hand.
2 RAM slots, one populated with a 4GB SODIMM module from Micron. Link

One of those buggers costs 60€. A new 2x4GB kit from HyperX costs 74€ Link to kit

The wifi module…
A friend of mine mentioned some notebooks not booting without or with a different wifi module. Begs the question if I will spend 25€ on a useless piece of hardware or an upgrade.
The installed one is some Realtek low end one that claims to have Blutooth (never got that to work) and only has one of those little antennas connected. Low budget galore!
I am planning on getting a proven Intel AC8260 because those do good work in other notebooks. Socket fits, question is if software plays along.

Lastly, I want to throw in a second piece of antenna Costs next to nothing, so whatever.

Complete parts list:

Final questions:

  1. Is anyone aware of any potential problems or incompatibility issues?
  2. Has someone done similar upgrades before or read about it somewhere?
  3. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. Ram kit or single module?

Update & Change of plan
WiFi module: I can get the Intel AC-9260 for 18€, the AC-8260 would cost 25€. Any meaningful differences?

RAM: will go with a second single 4GB stick to keep the cost down.

I’ve popped those intel nic’s in at least 3 different laptops from different vendors. Never had a problem booting. I usually always recommend them if a laptop doesn’t have an AC nic out of the box. AFAIK the intel ones are pretty universal. It’s only the broadcom ones that are hit or miss.

Kit will give better performance, but keep in mind if your mobo doesn’t support the higher speeds then you’re paying for extra performance you can’t use. What you need in this case is capacity, if the speed is working for you.

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Just checked on the AC 8260. If it does not work in my notebook, I can put it to use in my desktop. So nothing to loose on the WiFi

RAM wise, it is just about capacity.

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I’d just get a single stick that is also 4 GiB tbh. Doesn’t have to be high end.

Oh, and pretty sure I have that exact same kit of RAM in my old laptop btw.

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Updated OP
Changes to consider:
I can get an Intel AC-9260 (new) for 18€. How different is that compared to the AC-8260?

Will go with adding a single additional RAM stick to keep the cost down.

Don’t know if you saw them on the intel website.

Looks like they are both the same except for max speed and for vPro support, with the 9260 supporting both higher speed and support for vPro. The 9260 is also .5 grams heavier.

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