HP Laptop Problem?

Hello everyone. 


I have a problem with my HP Pavilion DV6 7031TX, The thing is that my audio hot key light stays orange, the wireless light does not turn on, the touch pad lags when plugged in and the fingerprint scanner does not work at all.


I have installed all of the drivers and re-installed windows 8.1 Enterprise  64Bit.

The audio and wireless work fine just the lights on the keyboard do not work. As for the touch pad and fingerprint scanner, the touchpad only lags while plugged in and the fingerprint scanner does not work at all.


Here is the support link for my laptop and some pictures:

Desktop: http://imgur.com/UciV32s

Keyboard (Close): http://imgur.com/KwwCmrE&F9laLDA&8Z5iE0f#2

Keyboard: http://imgur.com/KwwCmrE&F9laLDA&8Z5iE0f#1


HP laptop: http://h10025.www1.h...product=5258258


I have tried everything and some help would be great.



sometimes drivers need to be installed in a certain order and other times they post the wrong drivers (revision)

I had a HP laptop once, I had the same problems, just take out the keyboard carefully (remove a couple of screws which are holding the keyboard with the chassis and pop it open), unhook the ribbon (!), carefully give the connectors a rub (use contact cleaner if possible) and place it carefully back again. Hopefully it'll work.


Nope still the same problem. Thanks for your help.