HP gaming

Finding out that HP recently released a gaming PC earlier this month reminded me of something. VoodooPC, the old, overpriced and damn gorgeous boutique gaming company that HP swallowed and killed while undergoing chemotherapy, trying to save themselves from a post-Hurd depression.

Nobody here probably likes any of the boutique gaming PC companies and for good reason: the prices they put on their computers. But Voodoo was really something. When the Blackbird 002 was released in 2007 I was astonished. Sure it was expensive as hell but the features and the style were just amazing. As time progressed, the duo continued to churn out beautiful PC's that were still overpriced. At the time, it was hard for me to overlook that fault. But later on, the Firebird ended up selling at $800, a fine price for what it offered.

But, this made me wonder. I compared HP Voodoo to Apple and found out that the former actually had HUGE potential. All of their products were just as stylish, just as innovative and just as expensive as Apples but with one key difference. Voodoo had game. Had the two stayed together longer, I'm sure we would see far more interest in the PC gaming industry. People would've been looking at HP and wanting the brand new gaming/performance/entertainment PC that looked so sleek and would've brought then so much attention (the position that Apple currently holds in the industry). In other words, they could've brought quality gaming and innovation mainstream.

I'm still waiting on a retail equivalent of the new Omen case...

Now that I'm looking back at things, I can't help but notice how the HP Firebird could've changed so many things... like make notebook GPUs upgradable...

I would do anything to get my hands on a Firebird... if it was up-to-date :/

This is all assuming that HP can do just as good of a job at marketing as Apple does. Unfortunately, I don't think HP is as creative, which is really kind of sad considering that Apple just had to put up a colored background with a silhouette of someone dancing in order to make sales.

completely true. All the big PC companies pretty much suck at attracting customers and marketing their products.

just compare the websites. HP is a complete bloated mess while Apple's and Voodoo's websites look sleek and actually informative.