HP firmware won't allow non-hp cartridges

From the article:
He cited a Wired report that said HP “has long installed a security chip in its cartridges and printers.”

“If you use knock-off cartridges, you’ve probably seen a warning at some point that it isn’t HP-approved. Annoying, but that’s about all,” Wired said. “Last year, though, HP implemented a firmware update in enterprise printers that, as of last week, locked out any cartridges but its own. As the company says, ‘other cartridges may not function.'”

I don't print.....ever. But some of you guys might find this usefull:)

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Holy ads Batman

Comes as no surprise as many companies are endeavouring to 'lock' the retail-consumer into their environment ('walled garden')

But this approach by HP can also backfire, even though this 'non-HP cartridge blocking' is directed at enterprise users, people / businesses can vote with their wallets, and chose another printer brand.


Who still prints things???

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I wish I could print off so many things but with the cost of ink being what it has always been I never get to use more than the ink that comes with the printer. LOL!

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I actually work with HP Printers, and refill cartridges they try this shit every 2 to 3ish years....and there's always someone to override said "firmware" and from the programmer we use it's actually quite easy. All our programmer does is read the chips and doups them and makes the printer think it's genuine.

Look at the laws, they can't legally stop people from using non HP cartridges.

It's just a marketing / PR scam to try and scare people into buying Genuine HP Carts.


There reversing it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37503139

: They're*

Been going on for a while no?

Really sucks, I need to find a better printer at some point, though I doubt ink ever gets any cheaper, currently about $20 a cartridge for HP 61

For the history books.

We use the big ass hp enterprise ones in work, big corporation so I don't care I don't pay for the toner.

Lol yeah we have an HP laserjet printer. You can cut the chips out and put them in a new cartridge if it'll fit in your printer. I do it all the time.

I got a Samsung mono printer, that thing is awesome.

Eehhhh....Me, my parents, and pretty much everyone who goes to collage. Sometimes there is a queue of people waiting for their paper to come out.

I help run a tax preparation company... people like to have paper copies of their returns.

Trucker=guy who never looked at a printer and said,"Mmmm gotta have that" :)