HP Envy x360 running ubuntu mate problems


I’ve looked it up and it seems that my laptop will keep having random freezes because of the HP BIOS?
It seemingly randomly just freezes whilst doing nothing special at all and as far as I’ve gathered it happens to all versions of this model.
According to this link it’s still a known issue (and it is to me).
I’m relatively new to Linux as a whole and never really got into it as a power-user or something similar so I’m not comfortable compiling(?) my own kernel (even if it’s “just” adding 1 line).
I’m wondering if anyone here has the same issue or a possible fix which a relative beginner could do?
Running 4.17.14 generic btw, via Ukuu.
Thanks in advance.

Update: I’ve started using the 4.18.1 kernel and I’ve had the system freeze once so far. I’ve used Psensor to monitor the temperature and it seems that the system is not getting hot enough to overheat either and I ruled that out rather quickly.
If anyone has any suggestions please post them.
Thank you.

You are still running too bleeding edge of hardware. Also you have not mentioned which version of Ubuntu that you are running. You mentioned the kernel but are you running an otherwise LTS build of Ubuntu?

The issue is mostly due to the Vega graphics. I think the most stable kernel is 18.5.1. Also you need to have the newest version of linux-firmware and mesa, and llvm.

We have covered this somewhere with someone else with the same laptop (13z version).

I would recommend that you not run GNU/Linux on this hardware if it is your daily machine as you are going to run into many issues that you personally cannot fix if you are new to the OS. You actually would do better to run GNU/Linux in a VM for the time being to get acquainted.

I say this as a long time Debian GNU/Linux Unstable and Arch Linux user.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’m running 18.04.1 LTS, I’ve gathered that the problem is related to the vega graphics.
I’ve ran Linux several times before and it’s been my daily driver for my laptop for over 2 years (on my desktop I dual-boot) but this issue has been present on Windows as well but not with the same impact on my usage-experience.
The freeze on Windows is not a complete lock-up but rather a temporary freeze to than later resume. I also tried running it on Antergos (the first distro I installed on this machine) but I ran into the same issue. I think I’ll just keep using it for now, it’s not too much of an issue.
Thanks again.