How would one of these systems work? Im kinda thinking of getting one of the $300 ones, would save space and power over having to use my huge gaming PC

Your link goes to a 404 page, are you able to supply another?
But I am assuming it is a dedicated hardware solution, so if that is true then it will definitely be more efferent for you than your normal rig. However the bitcoin marketplace is so saturated now that you will likely still be going pot luck unless with a group of others working together. BUt if you plan on mining then a dedicated solution will work much better than a software solution on your desktop and you will use a lot loess power. Barnacles has a good video where he breaks it down, you should check before buying anything that you will run a profit, otherwise there is no point spending the money.

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Unless you're doing it for fun I wouldn't suggest buying an ASIC for personal use at that price and G/hash. You simply wont get any return on your investment or at least for a long time to come

If you're doing this for the fun of it, I'm sure it'll be fine. (Link doesn't work by the way.) But as b00v said, do not expect by any means to get your investment back.

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