How would an individual go to get a Logo?

Hello ,o/

Am i the kind of person that really don’t want there face on the interweb. But time and time again, i’ve been told that i was lacking a visual presence and should put something as a profile picture on resume, Linkedin profile, Professional github account … You name it.

I have been thinking of buying a Logo made professionally. vectoriel, multiple version (banner, pp, with and without the name …) and getting some advice from someone who know what they are talking about.

The issue i am facing is that i really don’t know where/how to go about it. A real pro work for company, and i really don’t have the budget of a company to put in a personal logo.
They are some announce online for logo design, but most seam to cheap to be honest, and i am not sure they don’t use asset they don’t own the right to.

in short, i want something serious, but feel it would be rude to ask a pro to make it.

Do you know how i can find serious people willing to work for an individual ?

What would you think is an honest price range for such a job ?

Did you had you own logo made by someone ? how did it went ?

i watch a show three times a week that one of the hosts talk about logo design often. but i too am disinclined about putting my face with my brand.

Put a request on site like fiverr?


Your objective seems to be against your desire to maintain privacy. When you want to establish yourself in a network, it is very much desirable to be recognizable. It is easier to trust a face vs a logo.

Conceptually, a logo should represent a company of different persons. Representing a single person should probably not be more complicated than a simple picture.

It is also probably undesirable for your image to be a logo and a custom made at that. Because that would simply appear weird. Maybe the only instance where it is acceptable is when you are in a privacy/security related field.

If you allow other people to take picture of you, especially for government IDs, your face is pretty much in a server somewhere onine. If you let friends or family post pictures of a group you are in, its pretty much a moot point.

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Fiverr is one of those site that i don’t have a huge trust.
The cost is usually very low, you can find anything on it, some time outsourced to abusive company…
Maybe i have a wrong image of the platform …

Yes I am, hopefully half secured an not easily accessible to anyone

This don’t happens, and i spend the time needed to make sure google don’t contain picture of me.

I can see your point about a logo being weird when you aren’t a company, but i fail to see how it can be worst than the default empty one…

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You want cheap, so its that or pay someone for some real work. Could also try and reach out to someone on deviant art or etsy or something about a commission.


I think you misunderstood me, i don’t think i want cheap, i’m ready to pay 200+€ for example.
But i don’t have 2-5K like a company could.

I just have 0 context about how much those thing really cost, the time artist put into it.

When i pay for art, price are all over the place, so is quality and time spend, but they are rarely in correlation with one another.

You have to remember its going to take hours to do this work, and you are probably going to want changes. A lower end artist is what 20€+/hr they will easily spend 15+ hours even on something simple.

There can be less detailed jobs that might be less, but most will probably turn to 40+ hrs so I mean the higher rate isnt really that crazy. If you know what you want but just want it refined and properly formatted for a few things probably could be cheap.

@oO.o might be able to provide better info on the subject or @kreestuh


So you want a vector logo exported to an array of sizes starting from a favicon and up, plus some social and banner sizes. That’s essentially a limited design “identity”. A full identity would involve other things like letterhead, an extensive design guideline covering everything from indentation/line spacing, fonts to use for different things, etc. Here is my favorite example of a design guideline. It’s obviously way beyond the scope that you’re asking for, but if you look at the logo section, it might be helpful.

Usually, the identity development process starts with a concepting phase where you talk to the designer about how you want to present yourself in abstract terms. Then the designer will provide you with several rough mockups of different designs based around the ideas you came up with in concepting. You pick one of the designs as a starting point and then go through several rounds of adjustments to make it perfect. After that, the designer builds out the different sizes/aspect ratios that you need. Things like line weight may need to change between sizes. Also, if the logo has some smaller elements, those may need to be removed or enlarged for smaller sizes. If you’re logo has colors in it, you will also probably want to have a grayscale version and/or a single-color (black-and-white) version.

What I recommend for you is to do the concepting and mock up phase yourself. Think about what you want to represent yourself and then pull some images off of google or icons from font awesome or whatever and at least figure out that you like a graphic from here but the line weight of this other thing. Pick a color (I recommend just one). Essentially, develop as specific of an idea of what you want as your skillset will allow. Once you have that, put it into a doc that clearly illustrates what you want and shop it around to some designers. Ask the designer if they have a digital identity package that includes all the usual social/icon/banner sizes.

For 200 euros expect to only have one round of light adjustments, and many designers may not take the work. Look for someone young or look for someone online that lives in a country with cheaper standard of living.

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Thank-you very much for this detailed reply.
I have started to do this for a bit, but never thought about monochromatic and may have played with gradient…
I will continue in this direction with your additional inputs in order to shrink that part of the process.

This is something that feel very wrong to me… like abusing of there position…
Am i wrong ?

Also where would i find young designers/artists ? Fiverr again ? Deviant art ?

Your call. Paying someone in another country a price that they have decided on is fair because it’s on their terms in the first place. I think morally, it’s more about taking work away from domestic designers. But if you really only have 200 euro to spend and no one in your area will do that work for that much, there’s not really another option. I’d check for local people first and then go international if you can’t find something. I have no idea what 200 will get you in whatever part of the EU you’re in. It will vary quite a lot.

Another note there, someone in a bonfide 3rd world country might make you a logo for very cheap, but the quality will probably be very low (at least by industrialized western standards) because of differences in education, culture, etc. I have personally dealt with this on numerous occasions where companies have tried to outsource create/design/visual work to India, Costa Rica, etc., and the results are usually terrible.



Interesting topic - the fact that you are concerned about having your face in a public professional forum where it seems you are generating your lively hood from. Secondly, but a very common issue, I want good and flexible but it can’t be too expensive, a “pro” is too expensive an beyond what I perceive to be wanting.

So I can’t address the first one - you have your reasons👍

2 and 3 or linked - as I don’t know what profession you are in? I’ll just assume anything is possible :thinking::wink:

Will an enhanced presence of yourself improve your business opportunities if any? Is your occupation people interacting or is it remote e.g. providing an online service/product. If it is the later, then you don’t need to plaster your face on anything, get a logo.

If the later - see a designer if it’s important. Otherwise ask your niece or nephew if they can doodle something within a small square :wink::scream::man_facepalming: Get a clip-art of your favourite…

However, if you are customer facing in a non-sensitive occupation then having your face visible can be very reassuring for new and existing customers/clients.

If you want a brand identity then you need to approach an branding advertising kind of agency agency (this may be called different things depending on your geo-location)

If you just need a business portrait for print and online you contact a photographer, depending on how you want to be portrayed then it’s either a studio shoot or a location/environmental shoot/portrait.

if it is important to you and you value your image, then don’t waste time trying to get some punk with a digital camera to photograph you. YMMV.

Business portrait could be anything from $100-250 - you might get a few images head and should full length which you can use in different media
Brand identity $thousands but you are also getting more - you will get it all :wink::crossed_fingers:

The bottomline is - unless graphics/design/photography is your business go get someone who knows what they are doing, if it’s worth it to you. So you can focus on your core business and not wasting time saving pennies.

I hope this is helpful, I know it has worked for many other people

Good luck


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Let me chime in on this, I have tried 2 different people on fiverr and 1 from twitter, to draw my “eyecon” - a drawing of my actual eye, because people who meet me tend to get surprised or amazed how green my eyes are.

Apparently its really difficult to draw a green eyeball, they all did absolute horrible work.

So in my case, I ended up doing it myself instead - the avatar you see here on my profile.

My suggestion is, IF you hire someone, then let them draw something else and cheap, instead of the thibg your really after, to check their quality.
That will hugely impact your cost in the end, because you will know if your wasting your time (like i did) and you will quickly figure out if the examples on their profile are true (i mean, you will be surprised what people claim to have made, when they show you the thing you ordered after, it can be a world appart)

You need to be able to trust what your paying for, just like anything else, and specially a logo is something your going to most likely use often, so have to be spot on, not wasting your time or your money

Hope that made sense. Good luck

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let me put it this way, fiverr is a sh*thole of morally bankrupt capitalism a$$, and actual designers are unsung heroes who are already paid too little. at least use toptal & let fiverr burn down to bottom pit of hell.