How well does ac unity run for you?


560s sli 1.5gb


8gb 1600mz ram, not sure about cast latency 

how well will i be able to run it? yes i know its a strange config.


i remember ac4 running like complete shit evenm on the lowest settings at 720p, like 20 fps and at 1080p ultra 5 fps, horrible optimization and unity is probably worse. so how does it run for you, and im really asking the fermni owners here and how did ac4 run.

will not be touching this game with a 10 foot pole.

+1 that XD

Just go to steam find Unity and read the reviews. You will be shocked. That game will not work 90% of the time.

Its just ludicrous that they blame amd and not Microsoft's creaky old direct x

Exept everything would work fine if Unity didnt call everything individually. They are calling 5 times as many calls per second than Direct X can handle and yet there are games available with more on screen with better visual fidality without these issues. The reason why Unity sucks on PC is because they decided that because they dont have call restrictions on consoles because its strait to bare hardware, they will just do the same with PC. The is fucking terrible software engineering. Same issue with Watch dogs. Too many calls and uncompressed textures. 

Yo if I can run something like a fully loaded PlanetSide 2 server with an AMD HD 7770 and an AMD FX-6300 on a mixture of low and medium settings AND maintain 45 - 60 fps ... there's no excuse for crap like this.

you know what, never fucking mind. im not buying this shit, i say no more. ive had it enough with micro transactions and this broke the camels back. there is literally no reason to have micro transactions in a single player game especially ones that you need to get the best gear, these should be cheats. fuck ubisoft. im so god damn angry with them, they are worse than ea and they ruined one of my favorite franchises.