How to work around admin restrictions in windows 8

So next year, every student my high school is getting surface pro 3s. At first I thought this was great especially because I could play my steam games in study hall because the specs on the surface pro 3 are half way decent. Then I realized that everything will be very locked down on it. I really have no problem with this as I can usually get around most of the bullshit they put on there because most school IT people really have no clue what they are doing. However steam does require administrator privlages to install by default so I really am not sure what to do. I was thinking about booting into linux (I use linux for my main computer anyway) off of a flash drive but I think the flash drive may rise some suspicion from teachers. Any Ideas on how I can get around the admin requirements and/or any ideas on what I can/should do or install on my surface pro 3?



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  1. I have a buddy who does IT for schools, trust me they are not dumb.
  2. USB should be fine, teachers won't care.
  3. Linux will be your only option, because the bios will be useless, and you will get into some serious shit with them if you alter the OS with advanced boot options.
  4. You can get around admin rights but that usually involves a serious amount of tinkering. Advanced boot options. Hold the "Shift' key while "Restarting".
  5. Usually, you are allowed to download stuff with admin rights, but you have a '2nd Tier' admin rights.*

*You are the local admin, but there is an overlord who has the final control of w/e.

I'm not insulting your buddy. I said most. But ill rephrase that. The ones at my school are seriously dumb. and thanks for the suggestion!

If you just want to install steam then you can install it onto a USB drive from a computer that you do have admin on then copy the contents of the USB drive onto the surface 3 ALSO dont install any games before you copy steam over to the surface.

Scores - I have a dell venue 11 given to me by my school and I used this to get around it.

Read this, then think about it.

Screw with the GPO, they will see you.

Read any agreements that come with that Surface. If you find a loop-hole, exploit it. If you don't.... DON'T TRY ANYTHING.