How to use mic in port as audio out?

Hey guys,

I had my headset plugged in to my computer and my brother kicked the plug that goes into the front of the case and now the audio port doesn't work. I can feel that it is broken in the inside just by moving the audio jack. Is there a way I can use my mic in as an audio out? I have virtual audio cable if that will help. This is on the front ports. The back ports don't power my headset nearly as well as the front port and it's also too quiet compared to the front port. I have tested multiple headsets, so I know it's the port.

I don't think you can, the mic in port generally has nothing to play audio in the line as it is just an input. So it would never be able to drive your headphones. There may be a way to do it via the drivers (I think realtek drivers have a way to reassigning ports, have't used it in a while), but a hardware limitation is impossible to fix via software.

You'll probably have to use your back ports or get a dac/amp combo.

I've seen threads like this in the past from people trying to achieve the same thing. This one from the seven forums is pretty good at explaining how to do it on the realtek drivers, however it could obviously be different for you specific case and drivers.