How to update m5a99fx pro r2.0?(how to know if its up to date?)

How do i know if its up to date or not?

Update the BIOS?

Doesn't the R2.0 already mean updated BiOS for FX chips?

yes they do they come stock with bios version 1101 vishera support.

The newest bios version is 1708. you can easy flash the bios to that version.

my motherboard version is 1201 according to cpu-z?(american megatrends) how do i use ai suite 2 i dont see it? how do i update my motherboard?

how do i flash the bios idk how to do any of this xD

go to asus site download the latest bios, its a rar file, you have to unpack it into a folder.

then pickup your mobo cd install asus suite, wenn installed you run asus suite choose for update, select bios update, dont let the software search online, but select a bios cap file you just downloaded en unpacked your self, click next and leave the system alone. wenn update is done you will see message restart. go to bios and chech if the bios version is 1708. tne do the settings you had, then you done.