How to tell what power supply to get?

How can you tell if a power supply will fit in the case you want? For instance, I'm getting the BitFenix Protigy case, but a power supply Logan praised in one video (the NZXT Hale82 650W) is said to be 12" long on Newegg! If somebody has a suggestion on what power supply to get, that's great. But I would appreceate it if somebody just explained this to me.

Max psu length for a prodigy is 160mm - depending on what you are going to be supplying power to determines what psu you should invest in. First and formost if you are or intend on getting a nice gpu let that be the determining factor in what 160mm psu to get. For example if it (gpu) states you need 42amps on the 12v rail, buy a psu that is equal to or exceeds this specification. Failing to do so will result in the whole system either not working at all or randomly playing silly buggers faults.

That nzxt psu you mention is a really nice unit (rebranded seasonic unit) - is 160mm, has 53amps on a a single rail, good voltage regulation and low ripple. Overall a psu that will fit your build even with the most depanding of gpu selection.

Here is a good review of the unit;

Best of luck with your build.

DimensionsPackage: 7.5" x 12" x 5.2"

You missred newegg. Keyword: "Package" 12in' is the dimension of the box it comes in.

If you look at your case specifications you should see the total demensions of the case. All you have to do then is cross reference the psu size with the case demensions and you're good to go. Make sure the width of the psu is smaller, yet near too, the size of the case width. I checked on newegg  and that psu will fit in that case.

Thanks everyone, you helped out alot!

One thing I can tell you is that modular and semi-modular power supplies are not recommended for the Prodigy. The modular cables add length to the unit.

Depending on your system specification, the 550W bronze XFX is a really good supply that I know will fit in that chassis. That power supply is sufficient for graphics cards such as the GTX 770.

It's a power supply that I often recommend. Very high quality, and a good price.

I checked it out. Looks like the one! Thx.

I checked it out. Looks like the one! Thx.