How to survive the steam summer sale

Well its the time of year again, the steam summer sale. For many users who just built their first gaming pc this may also be their first Summer Sale. I've been through my fair share, this being my fifth. So I thought it may be a decent idea to give the new comers some tips and tricks to get the best deals, and not empty out their life savings.

Know Steams types of sales.

There are 4 of them.

Regular Sales, Daily Deals, Flash Deals, and Community Deals.

Regualr sales are well, regular, they tend to not have large discounts, but every once in a while you might find one that is cut heavily.

Daily Deals are the ones you wan't to look for anywhere from 50-80%+ off games, if you see the game you want on the Daily Deal. grab it.

Flash Deals are essentially repeats of Daily Deals but with a twist, you are only given 12 or so hours to buy.

Community Deals are chosen based on what people want, usually steam will put out a certain list based on some form of a catagory. You choose the package of games you want to go on sale and if enough people choose it, there ya go, its on sale.

In conclusion, you want to limit yourself to Daily and Flash Sales, those are your best options in terms of savings.

Know that newer titles will not get cut dramaticlly but a 10-20% discount on a new title is about as lucky as you can get.

A helpful tip is that if there are games you want start putting them on your wishlist, once the game goes on sale steam notifies you. This is great to use if you are not able to check steam often.

Lastly a chart I found that sums this over nicely

Hope this helps, and enjoy the sale :)

Edit If you have your own tips please comment down below!


Also remember that you need to save some money for food... Unless you see a new title at 20% off, then food is suddenly less important.


Updated flow chart with over 9000% more gloriousness

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Do just like me: just don't buy it. Works every time.

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Pretty much. I've learnt my lesson, my gaming has slowed down a lot so I think twice about it now by putting purchases off for a while and coming back to see if I still really want it

I've already bought 19 games for a grand total of $30

Darksiders 1 & 2 with all DLC
Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux (even though I already had the originals lol)
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
Wolfenstein: The New Order
The entire Half Life pack (I didn't have any of them for PC so win for me)

Damn you GabeN, you fat beautiful bastard.

Nice pick ups, you can post to this thread here as well.

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Will do. Thanks for the link

I look at my game library and see all the games I still need to play through. This usually helps.

I'm only buying games on the steam sale that are >80% (sometimes 75) reduced, or less than £4.
It's kept me sane.