How to setup voicemeeter bannana for streaming and recording

So I am trying to setup for streaming,
What I want the stream to hear

  • the game sound
  • My mic(with a gate modification)
  • Discord pals if they are talking

What I don’t want the stream to hear

  • what I am watching in firefox
  • my desktop sound
  • listening to music

I looked up guides, but I have no luck reproducing it so I figured it would be easier to ask then try to bang my head against my desk.

If there are any alternative software solutions I’d be down to take a look

current issue

  • I don’t know what key terms I should search for more information
  • my Mic and discord works, but I can’t separate browser and game sound
  • Overwatch and Quake Champions don’t have sound output settings
    • I would like to have it also set so that my gate filter can pass into the in game voice chat

Current setup

  • right now I have discord outputting to hifi cable
  • hifi cable [B1] sounds go to Voicemeeter VAIO [B1]
    • Hifi cable is on [A1] so that I can hear others when they are talking
  • microphone [B2] sounds go to Voicemeeter AUX [B2]
    • I have the microphone go through Voicemeeter AUX to raise the gate to avoid annoying my discord buddies with a clacky keyboard.
  • I want all the sound channels separated so that if I am recording I can turn off music or talking for captured moments
Voicemeeter settings


Discord settings

Windows sound settings

windows playback settings

windows recording pt 1

windows recording pt 2

OBS settings

OBS sound settings

OBS output settings

OBS output channels

from what i am getting you have it setup mostly right but you need to figure out how to force the audio into different streams which might be possible if you have 2 different sound cards. then you run into the problem of needing a second headphone or speaker setup as well for the second audio stream. and would require a VM for allowing you to separate the audio channel by activity. ( game on desktop put music and firefox in VM ) if you had a mixing board this would be a lot easier but more expensive. as you could control each channel independently ( quality sound boards are not cheep)

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That’s what I considered as well.

I found a program called audio router where I can manually route a program to a specific audio channel, but Firefox has the multiple processes so routing the audio is hit or miss.

One guide did it with chrome and it worked, but I don’t know if I want to switch from Firefox(have all my add-on preferences set) back to chrome.

If there is a browser that is chromium based with all the Google stripped(has a single process), I can try the audio router solution.

Alternatively if I donate to the voicemeeter devs they can give me an additional virtual cable, which could potentially solve this issue as some of the other guides mentioned

you probably will want the extra virtual cables to properly connect audio as separate sources.

You can work around some audio routing for audio capture devices using the “listen to” options in windows mixer, but easier with the audio cables to keep track of everything

key audio term to research is “mix-minus” - anyone listening on discord needs to hear your mic and any other sound, but minus their voice. most people find it impossible to talk over their own voice echoing back with delay

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