How to setup Speakers and Headset Independently { ASUS Realtek HD Audio Manager }

So I'm trying to setup the speakers and the headset Independent of each other I still want both to play sound. Like Discord on headset and Game on speakers. This is the motherboard I'm using. And this is what the Realtek software looks like.

The Headphones are plugged into the Rear and Speakers are plugged into the Front.
I'm not sure how to set this up and everything i google seems to use another software version or try to archive something else entirely.

Thanks in advance

Figured it out myself actually.
Hit the Cog in the top Right and the option is like right here

I shouldn't do this when tired i guess it's like i don't have eyes lol

Easy fix then :)

How do you choose which program is on a certain output?

Usually i set the Speakers to Default device so that my games and web browser etc comes out of that and than i set my headset up in whatever Voip program i'm using for example Skype, Discord, Curse Etc so yeah I almost exclusively use my headset for Discord. I think this could help if not you may want to google: How to set Default Audio Device. Or how to set Default Communication Device. Also some settings may be application specific.

Hope some of this helps.