How to setup RAID0 on Z690 board

I’ve been a RAID fan since creating my first using two WD 10,000 RPM HHDs back in the day. Major surgery sidlined my building for a couple of years. I guess because life is short, for the last year I have become my formerly PC addictive self. (My little boy - he’s 42) informs me that I have seven PCs in various stages of completion in my kitchen alone - yes, it’s that bad - lol.

Watched the video on the Z690 RAID subject - great info there, which prompted me to join L1T. I do need some clarification. Getting ready to build a system using an MSI Z690 Edge board using M.2 NVMe drives.

I’ve noticed that the m2_1 drive is controlled by the CPU, the remaining 3 by the chipset. I’m thinking of RAID 0’ing three 500Gb drives using the PCH slots as my boot drive, and one drive in that M2_1 slot for storage. Is this a good approach?

What if I just choose to have a single boot drive in the M2_1 slot, and RAID 0 two NVMes on two of the PCH controlled M2 slots. Do I still change the SATA controller in the BIOS from AHCI to RAID in order to invoke the IRST magic on reboot to create the RAID storage?

Many thanks for any info. I’m an old fart, using PC building and technology to hopefully ward off dementia. I’ve been building PCs for over 20 years.

  • Bill

Welcome to the Forum Bill!

Curious at looking at using RAID myself on Z690 sometime soon, so ima lurk here and see if anyone who knows how to help you pops in so i can also see how to do it aswell!

Thanks F1N - I’m a little confused because I’ve built a couple of RAID0 boot systems on Z270 and Z370 boards. Someone bought those Pcs from me. Don’t remember if I ran CDM to check speeds - only checked to make sure I was getting the correct capacity minus formatting. Did build my first AMD system in 20 years w/ X570 chipset. Ran two NVMe’s in RAID0. Got the capacity, but my speeds using CDM remained at the 5000 MB/s speed. So I need more info and knowledge. Hope fully we’ll both learn something!