How to set up my Windows box as a VPN server for my Phone and Laptop on the go

So as the title says I want to set up a personal VPN on my home computer I could connect to on my Android phone and Windows laptop.

I want to be able to rout the connection since my school pretty much blocks everything hinder me when i'm trying to do research use dropbox and ofc check facebook (not going to lie here)

My question is what software do I use to accomplish this? I have been trying to find some but the best I could get was remote desktop software, go use a real vpn and the built in windows thingy that doesn't work.

Try openVPN

As a tip, make sure you use port 443. So you can connect to it anywhere. Port 443 is very critical for all places and can't be easily blocked

I'm looking at it right now, mind linking to a step by step guide (or making a quick one for me :D?) its extremely complicated, I don't care about security much just need it to work

update I think I got OpenVPN working, my android phone says its connected, although its Ip isn't changing. Will look into this later.

Ok update. while I did mange to get openvpn to "work" my phones traffic wasn't being routed through it.

how do I fix this? and how do I rout it though port 443?