How to "Safely" change GPU Temp (660)

Hello, my nick name is luke. I have recently bought and built my Computer! The only problem for me (even though it can be serious) is how hot my gpu temperature! So on this thread I wish to be taught how to safely change my GPU fan speed. Here is some information for you guys,

- My GPU is a MSI Gtx 660

- I do NOT know what fan speed is good to use

- On Furmark, I get a temperature of 54 degrees

- To me the most two "powerful" games to me are Skyrim and Planetside 2

- Is there a program to check/see temperature In-Game?

I know its not much information but i thought this might be enough to tell me how to change my Fan Speed. If you guys can tell me a program and how to change the fan speed inside it it would help alot. 

P.S- I used a old program where it never seemed to keep what fan speed I put it too, so if you can tell me how to keep the fan speed as i selected then that too would help.

Msi afterburner, Google it there are a ton!

54c!? You don't need to lower temperatures, you need to RAISE them! Overclock the snot out of it!

BTW - Furmark puts an extremely stressful load on the GPU - one that you will never see in games, not even Crysis on max settings. If your temps are only 54, you will never see it rise above that in games.

There is a way to check temps in game with RivaTuner. Many OC utilities are built on RivaTuner, including EVGA Precision X (which I'm personally using), and MSI Afterburner (most popular, and I used with my PNY GTX 650). The option is called OSD (On-Screen Display). I currently have my OSD to monitor GPU usage, temps, and clocks. Also tells me the time. :D

Also, with Afterburner, or whatever utility you use, you can set custom fan profiles. I have mine to kick up to 60% around 75c (my target temp) on my 760. My GPU rarely exceeds 75, and is a constant boost of 1202MHz in games, despite it being set at 1137MHz. All I did was move power slider up and set temperature as priority, without touching offsets.

54 degrees seems pretty normal