How to run Kodi as standalone app with Wayland?

I recently upgraded from an fm2 socket APU to 2200G. It has a lot of bugs still but is usable apart from not supporting graphical output that is.
I’ve been running the machine with no desktop but with Kodi which is started standalone with minimal x11 dependencies. After the upgrade that broke and in fact x11 doesn’t work in any shape or form. Simply running “startx” results in a segfault 0x90 and that’s that. No apparent solution to this, just bug reports. Fedora workstation live USB behaves the same way so it’s not my install. The thing is that weston starts ok and wayland desktop seems to work fine as well.

The question is if kodi can be run standalone on Wayland (even something else) the same as it can with x11? I haven’t found any references on how to go about this. Any insight would be very much appreciated!

Here is how I was starting kodi in X11:

/usr/bin/xinit /usr/bin/kodi-standalone -- :0 -