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How to remove edge from the new windows update?

So with the latest update that was shoved down my throat as I needed to restart for my GPU. I have a cancer of a Ad-hell for an OS. So I have been searching the web to remove the new Edge as it not only promoted everywhere, every time I open a “new” file type to run on Firefox I get the open with menu with Edge plastered all over it. So is there anyway for me to pretend to have some agency over my Computer by uninstalling this bad joke? as all I could find was this:


    • which seems to be an out of date way of physically removing the browser but I still get them ads masquerading as “recommended” crap and like


Trying to remove Edge is hopeless. Give up on that.

It sounds to me as if you never changed your default browser. It’s in the Settings under Default Apps. I just hit Windows then typed Default and the search found it. In there on Web Browser choose Firefox.

Every operating system these days is going to include a web browser as part of it, and MIcrosoft chose Edge. It’s as much a part of the OS as the Explorer file browser or OneDrive.


Nope I had before updating and still have FF as my default app it is just that MS is pulling a fast one and forcing me to “check out” the new edge browser at any cost.

also you can uninstall Onedrive or at least completely remove it out of my UI tho given what MS just did with Edge I wont be surprised if they do the same cheap tricks and force it on me like they done with Cortana and Edge.

edge is likely to be required by some parts of the system so theres really no ‘getting rid of it’ so to speak.

I would recommend you utilize a couple utilities here to make your windows experience less frustrating.

  • shutup10 - A unified interface to switch things on and off, including all the privacy stuff you care about
  • openshell - A start menu replacement with its own search and a more classic layout

thanks I forgot about shutup 10 and definitely like my start menu with less ad space for MS to exploit.

I hate the fact that MS is able to get way with this as such aggressive push of the new edge is anticompetitive behavior at best if not violating multiple other rules. it is an accomplishment that they are not sued till now, given that IE got shutdown when they did something similar and IIRC they had to use Safari for some time no? or am I dreaming that time up?

I’ve yet to restart after deleting Edge so IDK which system parts are broken due to deleting it. But I clearly recall search being unusable after doing similar things to Cortana.

I am tempted to choose your replay as the solution but I really want to know what breaks when attempting to remove Edge for completeness sake as I assume other unfortunate souls might be attempting to remove edge and they would benefit from know what happens when choosing to do so.

I dont know what might break. I havent tried. I know previously you could ‘remove’ internet explorere but it didnt really get rid of it.

The new edge really isnt all that bad, but I agree they shouldnt push it so hard.

If you arent reliant on some piece of windows software then I’d say the best way to get rid of edge would be Linux Mint.

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I believe scrapping Edge can break Cortana, the MS Store, and the online search function of Start.

But yeah, Edge is thoroughly entrenched in Windows, it’s a royal pain to even block it, let alone remove it.

My devbox and work machines are already running Linux (filthy Ubuntu LTS casual here).

I was hoping that virtualization would be the new norm I can just run windows instances of the games that I play on Linux sadly it was not the case back in 2018 when I built my current rig and even today it is not practical enough for such lazy usage. as for the life of me I hate how downright MS is treating me as some sort of cattle ready to be milked by their spyware or as they called telemetry.

As I don’t mind dropping the cash to get that peace of mind my privacy is that expensive for me. but even a server CPU wont be able to get the performance that a game would need to run close to native speeds.

I hope that by next year running windows instances in Linux to be able run those pesky windows only software would be the practical and I can be free of that windows farm.

Linux mint is just ubuntu lts with a windows-like desktop configuration and a few more sane defaults for software imo.

You can get away with a lot using wine and proton but unfortunately theres just some stuff that will never make it to the linux desktop.

You can actually buy LTSC licensing these days, which removes quite a bit of the ‘unwanted’ features in favor of stability and slower release cycles. It does not come with edge.


thanks for shining the light on the LTSC. But was it not the same one that L1 news covered not that many moons ago, on how MS just did not respect it Enterprise customers and bypassed the firewall rules to pass its telemetry regardless? or which version of windows 10 was that?

There was some instances of it ignoring GPO to do things like error reporting and what not. I personally dont consider all telemetry to be bad. This is a subjective topic though. Some people want nothing reported, not even when its fully anonymous and only to improve support. I’m ok with some stuff.

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Maybe it is because I’m running Windows 10 Pro instead of Home. I don’t know, since I don’t run Home anywhere.

I have the new Edge installed here and Windows has never bothered me more than once about trying it. I have Firefox Nightly as my default browser and everything uses it by default.

I think Edge did open by itself one time after installing it and wanted me to see all the newest things. I closed it and it went away. That was it.

and I just check I am running Home edition on this PC. I was under the impression that there is no difference between the 2 versions

did you try to open PDF or html files?
as that was the straw that broke my back. Like how intrusive MS is? this was straight up malware behavior to change my default apps just so MS asks me to use Edge.

I think in the past there was some truth to home and pro (or ultimate) being essentially the same. These days theres a bit more to it.

I just tried both, to make sure. The PDF opened in Edge, because that actually works a little better for me than Firefox. The HTML file opened in Firefox. There were no prompts to use Edge.

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Thanks for taking from your time to check.
I guess MS is just out there to get me, but it is a fight I am willing to die on. I mean that behavior is just wrong and if left unchecked I wont be surprised if they decide to change default search engine in browsers to Bing or install plugins.

but alas, it seems that there is no direct way to remove edge and all that intrusive advertisement out of the latest windows sadly.

again thanks to all of you guys on advising me on how to deal with it.
much appreciated