How To Remove Art/Graphics From A Downloaded Video? 🤔

Well, the title itself states it clearly, but I’m not entirely sure which function it is that would describe what I’m wanting to do: cut/edit/trim/remove…? :thinking:

Anyway, this is for a video project but the files I have, don’t really contain video; it’s actually just music. But I’m wanting to remove/edit out the artwork/graphics that are used in the videos, just not sure how exactly how to do it considering I’m a newbie editor still. :laughing:

My video editing software of choice is DaVinci Resolve on Windows. (The free version.) But I also have Handbrake on my system as well from when I had to re-convert some of these files to their appropriate file types that I wanted. I’m not entirely sure if my best option is using a software of some sort or an online tool? But I would appreciate some opinions/advice on this!

If I unintentionally left something out or forgot, just let me know or you can ask & I’ll get back with you. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

I’m confused… you say they have no video, yet you want to remove the video?

Anyway, if you have a file that has a video stream and an audio stream, you can use ffmpeg to remove the video stream with one flag:

ffmpeg -i "$file" \
       -vn \
       -acodec copy \

This is for Linux but you should be able to easily adapt that to Windows by replacing the filepaths appropriately (and I think ffmpeg would be ffmpeg.bat since it’s executed right in the ffmpeg directory, not sure though). Might have to write everything on one line too without the \.

-vn disables the video stream, -acodec copy makes sure nothing is re-encoded, but just copied over into the new file.

It’s probably also possible using Handbrake, but I never used it so I couldn’t tell you how.

load the file into davinci select the audio track from the audio bar and save it out as an mp3.
you can then dump the old file and just have the audio.

you can then create a new project and import the audio into that.

35 mins with tabs so you can jump to the parts you need.

Bad Idea.

First of all MP3 is an inferior (because dated) lossy codec anyway. But compressing an already compressed audio is never a good idea in the first place. See also Generation Loss.

Unless there is a way to just copy the audio stream untouched into a new file in DaVinci, this is not a good idea.

my point is he can just load the video into davinci and export the audio.

but yes the exported audio can be selected for filetype if you want.
and loaded back in as part of a new project.

or he can also just open 2 projects and copy pasta from one to the other the selected audio track.
or just select the video track and delete it leaving the audio. :wink:

I use Audacity 2.3.3 with Linux Mint 20.2.
I open an MP4 file and export it in the supported format

If you just want to remove or change the cover/icon graphic you can use MP3tag [ Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...) ]. This works on video files as well and has a portable version.

To get the image…
If the video contains the still image you’d like to capture, you can grab the image from DaVinci Resolve by right clicking the Source Viewer or Timeline Viewer, and select “Grab Still”. This adds an image to your media pool which you can right click and Export.