How to record TV to PC using channel guides / scheduling

So I'm wondering how to record TV so I can watch it on other devices (encryption free)

I have a Sony TV that records onto an external HDD. These recording are encrypted and can't be viewed on PC.

Is there a way to

1) Easily and quickly decrypt these?


2) Could you recommend a method I could record TV to a device that can they be watched on a PC and/or archived.

Since it's for my wife, ideally the interface would need to be user friendly and allow her to schedule programs for auto recording. So this precludes using a typical TV capture card in a PC method.

Is there a Recorder Box out there that simply doesn't encrypt that offers all this?

Thanks in advance. I hope this isn't a tall order and you can point me in the right direction.

p.s. I am living in Japan, not sure if that changes the rules regarding recording signals.

You can stream a lot of tv shows using a site called watch series

Otherwise not sure on scheduling things, mostly you just need a TV tuner card, but those can get pricey

Over the air TV cards are quite cheap, I would avoid the extremely cheap ones from China as I have had mixed results from these. (cheap as in under $10) Anything from Hauppauge can be trusted to work well. There are several open source solutions to recording and schedule but to be honest the easiest is the one that comes with Windows 7. Windows Media Centre is still the simplest and best HTPC solution. I know lots of people will point to Kodi but it can be a bear to setup. Unfortunately Microsoft has dropped WMC from Windows 10, my Wife has not upgraded to Windows 10 because of this.

A Hauppauge WinTV USB device can be picked up for less than $50

Thank for that, I really appreciate it... I'll look into this.

Have you heard of any stand alone DVR's that can record un-encrypted ?

I can't help you with DVR's as it's something I have never used. However one of these USB WinTV things with Windows Media Centre is very good. The recorded shows can be streamed to other computers in your home.

I'm really interested in Wendell's setup that he had mentioned in a previous video, where he said that he has a Linux-run computer recording episodes of Star Trek and cutting out the adverts automatically.

Would be awesome if @wendell could do a video so we could replicate his setup.

Same, I remember him talking about that.

He mentioned he also had a script where it would automatically download TV shows that match certain criteria. Thanks for reminding me about that.


I'd also love to see how you approach this. I'm pretty sure there is an awesome way of doing this.
I have to stock up on Japanese TV for wifey before before we move back to Oz (where streaming isn't an option).. help

I have a media PC setup at home which dose just this the method i use is to have a device set up with a tv tuner card (to have a look for one just type black and gold tuner into SCAN electronics)

This can then ether be viewed on this device or streamed to any other device with the capability to view it, all they need is either VLC for the recorded content or windows media center provides a very good interface giving you a full channel listing guide and real time playback or recording.

Thanks for your response.
So basically any HD TV tuner card then? will this allow access to the program guides... and VLC will record fine?

well i only recorded with windows media center but it can be all viewed by VLC anywhere

It just means that the host machine has to be running something that can record it i just said WMC as that is what i used but it can be watched locally using any other media software.

MythTV plus tuner card.

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