How to overclock Monitors using AMD Crimson


It works even in VSR mode, just try other Timing Standards if Manual Timings doesn't work. (CVT, GFT, DMT)

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My Acer 24" 4K is having none of it...card is AMD Nano..

Shame as on a 970 Nvidia control panel would happily let it run at 72.

The thing with OC'ing monitor through AMD driver is that Windows still locks the refresh rate at your monitor's default Hz in the display driver properties. This makes me think that AMD driver can't override the monitor's driver, and, or it's a recent Windows OS limitation.

CRU is still the proper way to go for AMD cards. My BenQ GW2450 is OC'd from 60hz to 75hz, I used "Automatic - LCD Reduced" to get it there though.