How to make a Bootable usb using mac WITHOUT BOOTCAMP!

Just as the title says, also i have an 8gb usb to do this with and bootcamp keeps telling me that it can't copy windows files :\ i have a windows 7 home premium iso and a product id, if no one can help me with this maybe they can help me get bootcamp working again. Thanks in advance


also could you walk me through it? I'm not exactly new to computers but I'm new to this.

Here's a solution that might work (I haven't tested it and have no idea if it will actually boot): 

Open Disk Utility (in Utilities in applications).  Select the "Restore" tab.  Drag your ISO to source.  Drag your USB drive to destination.  Click restore.

A few other solutions to try would be to redownload the ISO and to try another usb drive.

Hope this helps.

A method I have always used, it involves terminal though.

In terminal run: 

diskutil list

diskutil unmount /dev/diskN (N being whatever bootable usb you want to unmount)

sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/diskN bs=1m

Enter in password (because sudo) and it should create bootable USB. (May take awhile depending on USB speed and size of iso) then it should say that the process was completed in x amount of seconds.


But since the downloaded software would be an exe file and you’d need Windows for that, I suggest that you use Mac OS X’s Boot Camp Assistant Tool. Just insert the USB, locate the ISO file, and make the USB bootable.!

Learn more:

when using the Mojave install bootcamp never gave me the option to create a bootable USB. I was so frustrated at that point that I had to use my work asset to get a USB made.

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For the record, as the installed macfag of the forum, bootcamp does absolutely fucking nothing.

Sure! There are many alternatives to Bootcamp online.

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