How to make 5-pin to USB A?

    Let me start off by saying I do not know if I place this in the current subject area and if I did sorry and well someone tell me a better area to do it for quick answers. Also I'm a horrible speller and I do from time to time have to us spell check. 

 Anyway Hi I'm Jody Tiemann and I need help. I have a long time drawing tablet and it has done me good for many of years. Just a few days ago my drawing tablet cable went it. I took it apart to see what cord it could be. I looked on line and didn't find any that would suit it with out questionable uses. In short I wouldn't know if they would work for my tablet sense the one I found was meant for RC plane and Robot toys. The cable in question is the same as the title. A 5-pin header to USB A type cord with all 5 cable used in the 5-pin header, but only 4 used in the usb. I'm sure one of them was a ground wire, but unsure where the fifth one connect to. Color are as such Red,White,Green, Black and Black. So two blacks in total that was used. It's a low grade drawing tablet, and it ok..... but I don't have lots of many to replace it or buy a new much better one. Any Idea where I can get such a cable or maybe a way to make one for a reasonable price. Any helpful idea are welcomed. Ty