How to logout of the web site?

Has anyone figured out how to log out of the web site I tried that didn't work. was interesting but still didn't log me out. Anything else I can try without having to reset my cache?

Top right of the page, there are words " logout"


Does this help? I know very hidden.

dem tabs

I believe I had like 150 open... I was doing my exam questions for my college class (Computer Crime & Investigation (I can look at your artifacts >:).))

And if you think this is bad, you DON'T want to see when I do porn.... (200+ tabs). Plus this is also on a laptop, I think my computer is yelling at me.

Imagine that many tabs on a crappy flip phone browser

*phone catches fire*

Imagine trying to find the one playing audio!

Tabs Outliner, BEST google chrome app for tabs I've seen.

I see you have a lot of the subject of child pornography.... Whatcha doing? :)

Our professor had us do a whole class period (2 hours) dedicated to child pornography... Just the whole class was taken up by one subject... One of the exam questions is New York vs Forber (US vs Forber) I believe they rulesd the the child is protected before anything.

yep top right corner, understandable to miss, it's only about half a shade difference from the banner

also, i've seen that logan will punch you in the face thing in the script or whatever, but i don't get a popup or anything of that nature

You have to hover over it.

I was wondering where that button went. 

Yeah, I don't have a logout button anywhere. I have "My Profile" and "Post". That's it (on the right side).

Not a big deal, just weird. Using Chrome.

It's the tiniest writing above the word "post". Very faint

Holy jeebus that is funny!

I would never have seen it if you hadn't said "ABOVE" Post.

now why would you want to logout of this beautiful site? :P