How to lock IPads at work to email, LTE, and Tsheets timeclock app?

So I am trying to only allow employees at work to connect to email, time clock app, and Verizon mobile connection. Any Level1 advice on the best way to go about this?

I think what you need to google is something like “iPad kiosk mode”
Looks like there are a few commercial solutions

Yeah, I noticed Kiosk mode as a solution, but for some reason neither I or Verizon can get the mobile connection to function once its added. Thanks so much for your reply.

I know some users on the forum have installed such software, so I’d say bump the thread every now and then till someone recommends some (or an alternative)

Will do, I’m new to Level1 techs, but I must say, I really like it here. I didn’t wanna be a bother by bumping, but that is great advice! Thanks again, so very much!

I can highly recommend Sophos mobile control if you’re utilizing Central. We’re preparing a rollout of that when I move into the security position since we have clients that want to lock down mobile devices. It even has the capability of locking certain apps away when on the work SSID, etc.

That sounds very interesting, thanks very much.

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Use the screen time options. Set it to always be locked. And only allow the apps you want. I do this with my 9 year old on her iPhone. Not quite as extreme per se but use the built in functions.

Edit: looked at the settings for terminology. I’m screen time set downtime to be 12:00 am to 11:59pm. And inside the always allowed apps add the ones you want. You can also go into content restrictions and disable some settings that make it so they couldn’t change device settings. But being enterprise most of those are probably already managed.

How many ipads are you talking about here, and do you have a budget?

Also, this is posted in the Mac section - do you have a mac available?

We are a small and rapidly growing company, right now we have 4 IPads to test out, and will order 16 more soon. Not sure, but that seems fairly small as for enterprise standards. Yes, We have a Mac in the office.

Great advice, I never thought about the time trick and tip, you proposed! Very thoughtful of you!

I am going to try and put the IPads in supervised mode tomorrow. My biggest concern, is the Verizon mobile connection, its what they will need most with the time clock app and email…I hope in supervised mode it doesnt limit the connection.

I’ve not come across verison connection, and am now checking Thanks!


I thought the connection would be set, then just work?
Or is the hope that the users might switch to wifi?
Because I would guess most would just stay LTE if signal is good enough?

Well, i have had limited time to play with it, but you can get Apple Configurator for macOS, then plug them in one by one and drop a profile on them.

I’m pretty sure it should do what you need, but you may need to wipe the devices after physically getting them back from your users initially.

Once you get more than say 10 of them though you want to start looking at a cloud hosted MDM solution.

Thank you. I used Apple Configurator 2 on a Mac and did just what you said, and it has massive amounts of control over the IPads. Havent yet made the timeclock App Tsheets work, but removed all apps and am on the right path. again thanks so very much.

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