How to jpg file recovery?

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have a friends drive that has failed and he wanted me to recovery some images from the drive. I did some data recovery and got the files off the drive but some of them are corrupted. it seems to me that the header info is damaged. I can open the files and they load but some only half load. I can see the top but the bottom is either scrambled data or nothing at all. The thumbnails still work on most of them too and some files are fine. i tried using a few pieces of software to “recover” damaged jpg files but none of them seem to work so far and are difficult to use.

Any ideas?

Thumbnails are separate data from the actual photo. The file is indeed corrupted. Best bet is to image that drive and use something like photorec to attempt another recovery of the files.


I was able to get most of the files. I think some of them just have messed up header data or something.

Thats why I suggest another pass. Typically you dont want to thrash the drive with lots of reads if its failing so making an image of it can help.

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