How to install Ubuntu 20.04 to Linux me raid

Everything worked with the grub update, no red flags.
Updated the fstab with the PARTUUID for boot and efi.

Didn’t boot. Volume Group not found.

Okay, Has anyone been able to get this working on Ubuntu?

I’ll try to setup a fresh machine with this guide, can you post your ideal part layout here for what you have in mind? I have a new video coming on doing raid z1 with those kioxia m.2 that should be killer

So my goal was to complete the LVM & LUKS tutorial you did with the mdadm component. I opted for the md raid route as i only have two slots on the mobo.

The reason for this arrangment was to learn LVM, gain speed, rolling ubuntu distro, and distro hopping. Encryption a plus but not necessary.

I’ve been trying to get it work on ubuntu but your tutorial is on arch. So there are a few things I’m probably missing because i’m not a natural with linux.

Here is the layout:

I was going to use the old ssd as a cache for the old rust (later data)

Thanks Wendell - greatly appreciated.

Hi, seems I had the same problem, somewhere around the chroot I got the boot partition detached from /target and got things quite messed up.

Reinstalled, checked before chrooting and now /boot was again not mounted, so I went
sudo mount /dev/… /target/boot
then chrooted, installed mdadm, rerun update_grub2–>everything ok.

System is working.
Some minor differencies in my setup:

  • I have only 2 SDD
  • Installed Ubuntu 21.10
  • I created 2 partitions in the RAID0 drive:
    - One partition with the root /
    - One encrypted partition for /home. Upon booting I am asked for the password.

Thanks for the guide, it saved me a lot of time

So, when performing these steps from a USB, where does /target go? Do you have to create it or does it get created automatically from the previous steps?

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What an amazing article! Works perfectly - Thank you so much!