How to install kubuntu on a hdd that doesnt show up when I start the install?

This may be a stupid as hell question, but i’ve seen it work before.

Have you swapped sata cables? Maybe it’s a bad cable? This happened to me when I first tried to install Windows 10.

Also, as a tip, install windows first, turn off fast startup, shut down, then install Linux. See if that works.

I’ve tried it without fast startup off and it still didnt work

Did you try my suggestion and replace the sata cable? Maybe it’s a bad cable? I’ve had issues with this before. Just a suggestion.

Have you tried ubuntu again? Still the same error? If not, fool proof way to make it work

  1. Power down machine
  2. Unplug drive
  3. boot to live usb
  4. plug in drive
  5. rethink how windows ever made it to be the most popular OS