How to install kubuntu on a hdd that doesnt show up when I start the install?

hey I’m gonna dual boot linux but when I started the installer when it came to where it should be installed I couldnt change it to my hdd it only showed my SSD do I possibly need to make a partition that it can be installed on or format it into something useable by linux I can see it in the file browser and access it before I start the installer

Do you get a message that the drive will be unmounted when you start the installer? If it’s blank you might go ahead and format it to ext4 but I don’t think you should have to.

I dont remember seeing a message like that but it could be is there anyway to stop that happening?

It’s normal to get that message as the installer won’t be able to see the drive if it is still mounted. Are you able to start the installer without going booting into the live mode? That would prevent the system from attempting to mount the drive before the formatting stage of the install.

tried that and It didnt show up then

It’s just a normal SATA hard drive right? Strange. Since you can see it in the live mode it wouldn’t the the SATA operation either. What model motherboard do you have? Is the SSD on the same SATA controller or is it an M.2?

I’ve got this mobo and its a sata ssd not m.2 and its a SSHD if that changes anything

Yeah SSHD won’t matter. Nothing strange about that board setup either since it looks like all 4 ports are on the same SATA controller. I’m kinda at a loss honestly. Might try flip flopping the SATA ports that the drives are connected to. If it does the same thing installing another distro flavor then it’s something to do with the way the controller is detecting the drive.

will do I’ll post back soon if I get it working or not

Well fedora allowed me to install on that drive but I would prefer to use a Ubuntu base so I’ve tried KDE neon and when trying to access the drive in the file manager this error pops up

Huh when i start the installer it seems to in mount the drives when i goes to prepare
And KDE neon hasn’t worked as well it seems to be something in the Ubuntu base I’ll give Debian a shot next
And debian picks up both my ssd and hdd nice now to figure out how to split the hdd so i can still install my games in windows

Okay debian works so how should i setup my 2tb drive so i have half for Linux and the other half for my windows games to go

I would go ahead and format your NTFS partition using your drive/partition manager in linux. Once you’ve got that in place everything should be good if I’m understanding correctly. Windows should be able to pick up the drive, mount it, and NTFS partition but won’t be able to read the EXT4.

I’ve gotten this setup currently

Hopefully this works

nice yea I think that should work just fine, fingers crossed

welp did the install and for some reason it didnt go into grub when it restarted and the HDD still showed up with the folders in there but some werent accessable so I’m formating it now in windows hopefully it works

It probably wiped GRUB during the install happened, you should still be close to getting it sorted and booting properly.

Is the fast startup setting turned off in windows? Windows holds onto the disks it had mounted until you turn it off and restart. It’s in your power settings.

I’ll give that a check ina bit

and another try at installing it and it still wont install :rage:
nearly 2 days spent trying to install linux and it just wont fun so I’m not gonna try until I either get a new HDD to replace that one and a SSD to install linux on and see if that works