How to install Bash in Windows

How to install the Bash shell in Windows? I can't find a "definitive" guide on how to do this. Or, is it not possible?

's all I got.

All ready tried this. It failed with a BSOD.

Interix was Microsoft's attempt at a Unix like shell. Gentoo has a port for it.

Is it a fail, or is it actually like Bash?


For cheap and easy thrills with bash on windows (just bash and a few binaries) install Git... You will have a wonderful little "Git Bash" executable which shall present you with all your favorites, ls, for, while, etc. You will miss many luxuries as no Linux native networking tools are vanilla... you may be able to research the underlying tech behind their bash implementation to get further 

All attempts I have seen of putting *nix shells onto windows boxen turn out strange. If you really just want to mess around with bash just install a VM.

try this

VirtualBox or VMWare Player then run your favorite *Nix distro. Full functionality and you don't have to load a bunch of non-native functionality into Windows.