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How to identify unkown pci device

I just built 2 pcs for my office. They are identical in specs except gpu because we are reusing the ones from the 10+year old systems we replaced.

MSI Tomahawk B450
Ryzen 3600
2x8GB 3600 memory
500gb kingston nvme

PC 1 Radeon HD 7500
PC 2 GeForce GT 520 HDMI and DVI for dual monitor

PC 2 is BSOD a few times now. The most recent incident when I was tracking a package and clicked a link then it crashed. BSOD CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT

So when I investigated a bit, it said to check device manager and that’s when I noticed the PCI devices, and incidentally I the same 3 unknown pci devices are present on the other system as well.

Generally performance is really good, no over clock on cpu or memory.

I installed Windows 10 build 1903 because that was the latest ISO available for download from MSFT even though 1909 is floating around.

Any ideas?

I am puzzled because there are no pci devices except the gpus

In the device properties, go to details and change the selection box to device IDs, copy and paste it into Google