How to get XFR/Precision Boost working in linux?

I have a Ryzen 1800x on a Asus Crosshair Hero VI

XFR does not seem to be working properly. I have googled, and found this webpage which helped some, but I still cannot achieve 4.0ghz. The fastest I ever see is about 3780000.

I am using the 4.14.33 kernel with Ubuntu 17.10

What kind of cooling solution are you using? XFR is supposed to boost higher with better cooling.

I’m not on Linux so not sure if you can monitor temperatures, but if so, what are you seeing under load, and how with how many cores?

XFR is only single core on Ryzen one which may be why you’re not seeing that kind of boosting. What kind of workload are you hitting it with? And what kind of cpu temperatures are you seeing?

Corsair H115 AIO

openssl speed to stress one core. Temps I’m not 100% sure of, I’ll double check but I don’t hear my fans running at all.

What are you monitoring the cores with? Htop maybe more useful.