How To Get Text AND Images To Show Up On Reddit Posts?

I think I somehow screwed up on a recent Reddit post I made. (I’m not exactly a pro at using Reddit as I’m still kind of a beginner.) I was trying to get BOTH text & my images to show up on the same post, but it didn’t work possibly due to inexperience/user error on my part. After discussing the issue briefly with the moderator of the group I attempted to post to, he clarified that I am the 1 who can edit my own post thankfully. (I thought it was up to moderators for that, but that’s not the case.)

So now, I need some clarification so I can try & get this right: Am I supposed to post my images first & THEN add my text/description or is there a different process involved if I want both my text & images to show up on the same post? :thinking: For anyone wondering, my device platform of choice is via pc as I don’t really own a smartphone. Hoping someone experience enough can help me out on this 1 which ought to be relatively simple! (I hope.)

If anyone has any questions in return for me or just need more details, feel free to ask away & I’ll be sure to fill you in! :+1:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can make a text post or a media post.