How to Fix Lounge [A JS Snippet for the less amused]

How to Fix Lounge 1.1 Beta

Now Updated with new Features


  1. Now reverts back to original avatars
  2. Updates for new Posts


  1. Users with transparent avatars may experience trollface leakage
  2. Does not survive page refreshes (We don't don't mess with your browser cache)

Press F12, Or open developer tools and copy paste into Console:

$(document).bind('DOMSubtreeModified', function () {
   $('.topic-body p').css('transform', 'none'); 
   $('.topic-avatar .avatar').css('display', 'inline');


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Thanks for thinking of me.


Edit: this also works for all threads under the off topic section.

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This 'fix' will let out the magic blue smoke. Don't listen to him!
/s . . . or is it?


I was just reading it upside down for a while there, thanks

Mobile view also is in the correct orientation, so pasting


At the end of the URL also fixes things. Looks really goofy though.

Effects the entire forum unfortunately, but it does persist through refreshing and whatnot.

To change back use


Or go to the menu (the three bars next to avatar in the upper right) and towards the bottom it has a link to desktop view.

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Yeah thing Is I can't fix this with just a simple script without poisoning the javascript cache to have it persist between page reloads, thankfully the web doesn't allow me to easily do that.

So this will have to do for now.

Well i prefer it to @kreestuh's shenanigans, thanks!