How to find what hardware is compatible

I would like to upgrade the WiFi card in my laptop but I am unsure of where to find what ones would be compatible with Linux.

Is there a list that shows all compatible WiFi cards?

It will be for my laptop so needs to be in the M.2 form factor.


Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 or Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 should work.
The drivers should be in the kernel since 5.10.

AX2X1 only works if your laptop is compatible with cnvio2

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How would I find that out?

What card do you have right now? If it’s not AX201 or AX211 you’re pretty much out of luck.

Also, which laptop you got, in case it has any whitelists / block lists / conflicting brands?

Legion Slim 7
5800h / RTX 3060
QHD / 165hz

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You can only use AX200 and AX210 (in theory), Mediatek and QCA might also be of interest. What card do you have today in it?